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Finally Finished!

March 15, 2011 2 comments
RS150MTM_05 by davlaf
RS150MTM_05 a photo by davlaf on Flickr.

After a year (!), I finally finished my RS150 MTM center channel speaker enclosure.
I have to admit that I was working on 2 other speaker enclosures at the same time and this activity was very social (sometime not so productive).

But here we are, today, with the final result.

I hope you’ll enjoy the result. Visit here if you want to see more pictures:

I will be right back on this blog as I will have to change the finish of my 2 main speakers, I’ll be changing the finish of a friend’s subwoofer and repairing another speaker in the coming weeks (and months probably).



Crossover Diagrams

May 20, 2010 Leave a comment


Today I’m bloggin’ about the crossover’s diagrams. So basically we took a sotware to redo our 2 crossover diagrams. I already hear you telling me “Why reinventing the wheel Dave?”

Actually it will be pretty useful. The first step (which took us too long to realize) was to do the components inventory and connect them in the diagram with the software.
The second step will be to define the components dimensions (depth, width, length), the surface, the distance between the tracks, etc. so that the software can tell us the optimal components placement on the PCB.

We orderde two 6″ x 9″ Copper Clad Board Double Sided. However, for the CJD’s RS150 MTM, we will have to limit ourselves to 4″ large since the diameter for the speaker hole on this speaker is slightly larger than 4″. By doing so, if something goes wrong with the PCB, we can just remove the speaker and then remove the PCB.
For the Vince’s VHT Center channel, it will fit nicely.

So here are the diagrams:

RS-150 MTM Crossover Diagram

CJD RS-150 MTM Crossover Diagram

Vince VHT Center Channel Crossover Diagram

Vince VHT Center Channel Crossover Diagram

We are supposed to work on the components placement this weekend and we will post here the results as soon as possible!

Have a terrrrrrrrrific weekend!

Slowly But Surely (?)

May 17, 2010 Leave a comment


I am sorry for the wait between the last post and this one. Actually, I had not much to write about so I prefered to not write at all.

So right at the beginning of this project we started to have some problems. We noticed a difference between the crossover diagram and the bills of materials. Actually, the diagram included a 1.3mH inductor while the bills of material was including a 0.9mH inductor instead. So I wrote to CJD and he answered my about 12 hours later (wow!) confirming the little mistake. So I had to order the missing component.

We started to work on the deisng of the crossover. WE are looking for the optimal components placement on the PCB to achieve the optimal PCB.

I will upload PCB schematics soon!

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New Project: RS150 MTM by CJD as center channel speaker

April 29, 2010 1 comment

Hi again!

Today is a big day because I’m introducing the first project I’ll work on and describe in this blog :). Right now, as a center channel speaker I have a Hifi Quest QC5 as you can see below. I received this speaker as a gift many years ago and I did a good use of it. Now that I have some pretty massive speakers all around (front, rear and sub), the little Quest can’t follow…

Now here’s the project that I’ve selected: RS150 MTM by CJD. You can visit the official page of the designer here:

Why the RS150 MTM Design by CJD?

I selected this project because of its acoustical and aesthetic design. The acoustical response graph (on the designer’s website) is pretty impressive. Also, the crossover seems to be nothing standard (had to purchase my components from three different suppliers!). Moreover, I will be going for the sealed design due to some space constrains and the fact that I don’t need the lower extend since I’ll be using it as a center channel and not a front or rear. I will also be able to gain on┬ádecibels by having a sealed design.

You can see the box design here:

The Components

This design’s components are pretty unusual. The SEAS 27tdfc tweeter has been pretty hard to find. Some capacitors and inductors have also been difficult to find. Here is my bill of materials:

Components List

Please take note that I selected most of my Parts from Solen because it is the nearest place from where I live and it is the only Canadian supplier from all three. Also, consider the high shipping cost from Parts Express and Madisound is mostly due to the fact that I live in Canada.

Next Steps

My next step will be to contact the person I’m building the speakers with. I’ll go buy the MDF and some hard wood for the front. My plan is to put some blackish melamine / material on the sides, back and bottom and to put a piece of real wood that I’ll varnish and do something nice with the edges. We will also start working on the PCB design as we are building a real PCB (kinda like the one below we previously built for another design)

Crossover from a previous design

Crossover from a previous design

I’ll keep you updated as soon as there is some developments on this project!